Another November in the Bag

I must have blinked this month.

First off, I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me as I begin to take the next step in my career. After getting my head on straight I’m looking forward to finding a great job doing exciting work for my next employer. Despite support I’ve revived, taking the freelance route is not the path I’d like to take at this time.

The plan is to find an idea job, social media communications manager, or something along those lines in a marketing or pr department. I’ve come to realize that I would really like to help someone make their idea bigger and better. Rather than take an idea of my own and blaze a path of glory. My life is too divided to spend all my energy on taking this path right now.

So instead of posting my resume here just visit my profile on LinkedIn. Leave a recommendation or offer me a job if you’d like.

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