Reset Your Google Reader

How many people have about 1,000 unread items in the Google Reader? I know I’m close to that number. Over the weekend I was talking to Jami Broom about how we never check reader and everything just starts to pile up.

Well I’ve got an idea. What if we just reset our Google Readers. If you aren’t looking at the content anyway then there is nothing to loose. Now is the perfect time especially if you are planning on attending PodCamp Pittsburgh this weekend. Reset your reader and then as  you meet new friends, add them to Reader, you won’t be overwhelmed with contend you weren’t going to read in the first place. I bet you will also add a few sites you still love but you won’t have to sort through all the old content.

2 thoughts on “Reset Your Google Reader

  1. (I found your site through Secret Agent L on twitter.)

    Anywho, this comment is months behind this post, but I can’t help but share my thoughts. I found myself keeping up with my Google Reader by sticking the widget on my iGoogle home page. Now granted, I may subscribe to far fewer blogs than you, but it’s the first thing I check in the morning when I open up the browser. It actually bothers me when there are unread posts glaring at me from iGoogle. I didn’t know anything about Reader until July and it has completely changed the way I read online!

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