Using WordPress for a Short Term Project

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In today’s world we have lots of side projects. Some are small hobbies other are business initiatives with a short shelf life. Many times when I’m in a meeting about an event or project the need for a web site arises. More often than not the best solution is a WordPress. In the past few months I’ve used WordPress to quickly manage two unique project AiP Summer Studio 2010 and Allegheny County’s Green Roof project.

Rock the Campus

This year’s theme for Summer Studio (basically a summer camp for aspiring artists) was Rock the Campus. Where we took our normal event and added local musician, Kellee Maize. We wanted the event to be more exciting for the students this year and when we started to brainstorm this concept all the pieces just came together. I knew that we were going to want to put all of this content online and we have very limited web resources at the moment.

Turning to WordPress as simple solution for uploading lots of photos and bringing in YouTube videos. I was able to manage the whole site myself and provide a great resource to everyone involved in Summer Studio. Now we have a constant connection to all the students who attended our event and will be visiting this site as they enter their senior year of high school before making final college choices.

I’m not going to deceive you, adding all of the content to the site took some effort. Capturing photos, editing, writing and organizing is not always a simple task. However I was never lacking the web tools to bring this great project to the masses.

This project began when the County of Allegheny County approached The Art Institute about capturing their green roof construction. After organizing a team of students I set them up with a WordPress site,, to use as the document collection tool for the county.

Now that the construction on the roof is completed we have a great tool to use to educate others about the impact a green roof can have on a building and the community.

Learn About WordPress

Most of my posts leading up to PodCamp Pittsburgh 5 have been about using WordPress. It is a great tool and there are many applications for it. When you attend PodCamp this year you will see how others are using similar tools to accomplish their small and large projects. See you at PodCamp!

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