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Post I wrote for the PodCamp Pittsbugh website.

PodCamp Pittsburgh 4, Day 1 Pano-1

The PodCamp Spirit

It is that time of year again when we kick PodCamp Pittsburgh planning in to high gear. This week I’m getting a few of the logistical details in order, like the date of the event, and other Art Institute related details. To get me into the “PodCamp Spirit” I like to bring up flickr and look at the PodCamp Pittsburgh search results.

Browsing the photos always brings back great memories of why PodCamp is such a great experience; two days of idea sharing, networking and building friendships. Personally I’m inspired by the attendees and organizers who bring such an awesome energy to the event. Riding the wave of energy the event creates resonates throughout the year as I seek advice and info from twitter and other social networks.

Idea Sharing

Perhaps the most impressive aspect to PodCamp is the fact that you have people with expertise in a specific area of tech and they are willing to share their knowledge for free. I’m constantly amazed at how a few short years ago I had a very 90’s idea of how the web works, and through PodCamp I’ve developed a strong understanding of modern web practices.

Bringing this “modern web” to my day job has helped me become a linchpin in all forms of communication. From fun sites like Creation Rex to internal communication AiP Minute I’ve learned to take full advantage of WordPress and other web tools.

Where I have taken advantage of learning about web development you could easily pickup tips on recording audio and video, SEO, monetization, and marketing to name a few. Taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge from your fellow attendees and presenters is how PodCamp works.


At PCPGH3 we initiated a room called the Loungy Lounge. The idea was that we had previously used a room as the Mentor Lounge, and while great for helping people set up WordPress and Twitter accounts. It wasn’t so good for just hanging out and chatting with people. PodCamp is a natural place to meet people doing all kinds of interesting projects for work and play. When you attend PodCamp you will meet someone interesting, and naturally you should trade business cards and plan to meet for coffee in the next week. Since this is a common occoruance at PodCamp we created the Loungy Lounge for people who need time away from the presentations to talk and get to know each other.

In today’s world we know that networking is a critical way to get business done. One of the best things about PodCamp is how easy it is to meet new people and stay connected with them. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader we can follow our new friends instantly and add them to our social circles.

Building Friendship

Piggybacking on networking is friendships. Personally I’ve developed a plethora of lasting friendships from PodCamp, and we are talking people who pre 2006 didn’t know each other. These friendships are built through the social aspects of PodCamp between sessions or at the Friday and Saturday parties. They are continued through tweet-ups, causes, business and sometimes softball.

So I look forward to seeing you at PodCamp Pittsbrugh 5. Event dates will be posted soon so keep checking back.

PodCamp Pittsburgh 4, Day 1 Pano-2

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