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During my current blog hiatus I’ve been busy with three main initiatives; one work related, one church related, and one magic related. Right now the point isn’t to discuss those activities, but how I’ve been keeping myself organized. Last year sometime I bought an Omnifocus license, which for the most part worked fine as a task manager.  However I never really liked the layout and it was easy for me to let projects get buried in categories and forget about them and keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Omnifocus has an iPhone app as well as integration with iCal and Mail but I never could figure out how to take advantage of these features. Also the iPhone app costs a pricey $19.99 and has terrible reviews. Anyway I used Omnifocus moderately well and was generally happy with the program. Until I discovered Things.

How I really stay on track

Not many Apps have a major impact on my daily life. Outside of the calendar and address book I could live without most of the apps I’ve downloaded. From the first moment I demoed Things, I knew that I couldn’t use Omnifocus anymore. Things has helped me become more efficient and on the ball when it comes to task management. I can easily track projects, individual tasks, random ideas, tasks assigned to other people and keep them tagged in sight and on my mind.

Things works and feels like an Apple application so it feels very natural working with all my other utility applications. The interface is clean and intuitive and once you get used to the program keeping everything sorted is very simple. It is easy to keep overlapping projects organized within general categories.

The feature that I like best is the due date and due today feature. Everything that you need or want to do today shows up in your dashboard like unread mail in your inbox. This keeps me reminded that I haven’t accomplished everything I’ve needed to today.

iPhone App

The second best feature is the iPhone app. I think it cost around $10 but I was so into the OS X application I was wiling to take the risk. I had wanted this sort of app for a long time and what makes it worthwhile is the sync. I love how I can update my calendar and address book on the fly and have it sync with my cloud. Makes my life better (I’m a nerd like that). The Things mobile app works just as well and smoothly as their main application. Syncing with your desktop app and bringing all the organization to your pocket. The only drawback, for me, is that when you sync you have to be on the same wifi network. This is an annoyance for me mainly because of how the AiP wifi is setup. At home sync works quickly and easily.

Already on iPad

In going to their website to get a link for this post I learned they have an iPad app ready to go as well. Score. I hope that Cultured Code plans on making more applications because they have fan here.

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  1. I just installed this about 3 hours ago as I’m reading through David Allen’s Getting Things Done. So far I LOVE it. My mind can rest at ease knowing that everything I have to do is easily referred-to!

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