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Recently I’ve been reading Linchpin by Seth Godin. I don’t typically read a lot of self help books, but every once and a while something good will jump out at you. I was tuned into the book when I heard an interview with Seth about the book on the Marketing Over Coffee Podcast.

What drew me most to this book is the idea of shipping. Capture an idea, pitch, execute, and ship. Always ship. Something that I haven’t spent a whole lot of time thinking about in the past. Not that I don’t get things done but really considering the finished product early in the process, and having an end game if you will. I’ve found with myself I’ll do great at moving a project along and even finding a great project to execute and then sputter and stall at the final stages.

5 Major Notes I’ve Taken While Reading

  1. Doing a job that is not your job is essential.
  2. Be an expert in your field.
  3. Seek out discomfort.
  4. Build a platform to help you ship. (build it before you need it)
  5. The act of teaching someone a lesson rarely succeeds at changing them

I’ve still got a few chapters to go but these points have stuck with me the most. I can think of a few other major themes he discusses so there is a lot more there. The book reads quickly and is broken down as though it were a series of consecutive blog posts. So it is very easy to read on the bus or when you only have a few minutes here and there.


Seth does a good job of referencing his other books and good books other people have written. Next I think I’d like to read Tribes by Seth and Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. If anyone wants to swap or check out Linchpin let me know.

2 thoughts on “Book: Linchpin

  1. Actually been listening to the audiobook of this. Sounds like I’m in the same spot at this point. I got into it when I heard him talking about the “lizard brain” aspect. Had to pause it to search the Ted talk where he discovered the daemon concept. Great stuff.

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