Post PodCamp Pittsburgh

In my interest of time I’m reposing this little blub I wrote on the PCPGH website.

PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 has come and gone and the organizers couldn’t have been more proud of this years event! We hope that you can take what you have learned during PodCamp and improve your new media ventures. If you are just starting out remember you have a whole community rooting for you, don’t for get to ask them to help. Over the next few days, weeks and months as you create blogs, videos and podcasts share them with the PCPGH community through our various channels listed below.

There has been a great call for the session videos. The PCPGH organizing committee is working to quickly make those available to you. As we work out this process for the first time we’re asking for you patience. Check back on this site (subscribe to the RSS Feed) or keep an eye on the #pcpgh4 hash tag for updates. With that said our goal is to make them available by the end of the week.

Thanks again to everyone who made PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 a success from the sponsors to the organizers to every rockstar.

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