I’ve got some follow up thoughts and a good example of how someone would want to manage their online search even though they might care less. But more on that in a later post.

Family Mustings

christian-huelsmanA few minutes ago I got an email from my dad with a link to the news story about my brother Chris. The Morning Journal is a paper from my home county in Ohio. For me it is very exciting to see Chris doing so well with soccer. I remember him playing with us in the back yard and while he was about 6 and I’m 8 years older. It made for good beats, I mean easy wins. Actually he tried really hard then to hang with his older brothers. So I can see how overcoming the age gap has focused his skill and drive. Right on man. I can also live the dream with him because I chose not to pursue soccer in college. So hopefully he’ll be an all American next year and get a chance to play with the national team.

iPhone App of the Moment

screenthumb-klondikeI’ve been playing the free version of this app Sol Free and I finally decided to splurge on the $1.99 upgrade. This is probably the best game app I’ve downloaded. To be fair I haven’t gotten too many apps but of the handful of game apps I’ve tried I really wish there was a free trial period for all games. Some looked great but you can’t return the ones that aren’t what you expected. Anyway Solebon is the upgrade and it is worth every penny. I haven’t even played all of the solitaire games yet but my current game is Agnes Sorel.

foursquareIn the non-game department I’m in love with Foursquare. I know this is almost a game but I’ve had a lot of fun checking in with the points system. If you have an iPhone, blackberry or other smartphone you can play by checking in at various locations around town. The best feature is that you score points and earn badges and mayorships for how many times and where you check in. Earlier today I was crowned mayor of Subway, on Smithfield Street near AiP. Obviously there aren’t that many people on Foursquare or the competition would be a lot fiercer. It is fun to get caught up in this app of the moment, kind of reminds me of when brightkite first came out.


New Projects

I’m excited about two project that are developing at AiP. One is continued development of AiP Minute, an internal blog site for the PR department to use for school news and happenings. The other is a project aimed at students to improve their digital relationship with AiP. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet but it will be fun to see this come to fruition.

Finally I’ve been talking to a few people about a travel blog concept that isn’t really a travel blog but a community service project in the digital space. Basically the idea involves donating a website to small town USA and bringing them to the web. I’m working out the kinks on the project but stay tuned for updates. I’m really excited about the idea and have gotten a lot of great feedback and verbal support.

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