Dollar Bank Heist


As a Dollar Bank customer I don’t know if I should be outraged or just dismissive. Last week I noticed some high orange construction barriers out front of the Dollar Bank branch on Fourth and Smithfield. At the time I thought they must be doing some Redd Up on the building. This morning I realized how wrong I was. Take a look at the above photo taken this morning.

Notice anything wrong? Look closely. The Lions are gone, disappeared, missing. Did Creation Rex and the Lions run off to some crazy party over the weekend and only Rex returned?

If you forget what the lions looked like, maybe this deception is working and you didn’t realize what this scene used to look like. Look at this photo:

My guess is they were removed out of fear of protesters from the G-20. So I’m all kinds of WTF on this. On one hand I can sympathize with not wanting you figure head to fall victim of potential vandalism. I’m concerned that Rex will become a target. On the other hand I’m thinking this is a huge waste. Sneaking the Lions off in the middle of the night and covering it up like nothing doing. I just hope they will be restored to their original condition.


If you look in the contacts section you’ll see Jim’s link to the real story. What is pretty cool is that the lions are being stored and restored in Oberlin, OH. This is the next town north of where I grew-up. Pretty cool.

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