What Does Social Media Mean to Me?

What loaded question. From late night tweets to coffee and magic to “Welcome to the StromHuelsman Podcast” I’ve had some fun experiences with social media, Rawr not Rwar.

Social media can be two things to me. First, Social. Social media is extreemly social. Connecting with a massive amout of individuals is pretty awesome. For me my efficientcy in this realm comes and goes. Basically depending on how busy the rest of my life is in the  moment.

The other thing is media. Social media is exactly that. Blogs, in my opinion that have been succesful have been secondary niche media outlets. Lets take a blog I write for example, casualmagic.wordpress.com. Now there is a very sophisticated online audience to magic the gathering which I also happen to belong to that exisits in conjunction to my blog. What I write caters  to a more casual player, even though I find myself in a more competitive realm very often. Staying “hyper focused” is the key to nich blogging and succes in blogging/podcasting IMO.

Otherwise social media is whatever you make it. Just do it. Seriously have fun!

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