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Like clockwork it is end of the summer and I’m creating the latest version of the student handbook. This document needs to be recreated every year because there is so much information that changes it is easier starting over. Luckily for me I get to work remotely on this document.

While I don’t have anything to show you guys right now, I can tell you that I’m working on a new cover and layout. My goal as always is to make this information as easy to read as possible (which is a joke because no one ever reads this document). I’m also feeling very inspired, design wise, right now so I might attempt something a little unique. Maybe give the student a reason to open and at least flip through one time.

Here is the old hand book cover that was put together very quickly by my coworker, Angela, last year.

StudentHandbook08-09coverThis image is a collection, and a throwback, to an old group of images that were created by Jake Thomas. Jake and I were in school together and he has gone on to do some really great illustration as well as make a go of it in NYC.

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