Special Invitation to See BMSR Yesterday

Yesterday I recieved a special invitiation via email to see Black Moth Super Rainbow play at CMU. I already had plans to see the show so no worries there. THis invitation is so special I feel the need to share it with you all. Enjoy.

Yinz fellas goin to the free Black Moth show on the CMU campus lawn tonight around 8?

I think they’re giving out free copies of The City Paper. Hugs will be only $5 a piece and $1 bottles of expired mostly off-brand beers will be available to keep things in the spirit of the city.

One lucky audience member will get to heart the entire show from the speaker pumping out the fresh sound just a foot or two from their ears.

The Clarks are supposed to show up, too, and attempt to have sex with roughly 60% of the girls in the audience.

Let’s just hope the rumors aren’t true that the Hell’s Angels are gonna come to the show.  Really, truly great guys, buuuut they can get kinda rowdy at concerts.

Yours truly,

The Pittsburgh Dick

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