This maybe my final post

As I get older the more I realized that there are some things one must do outside of oneself. Tonight for me that means facing a known evil square in the face and saying, “Bring it on.” Tonight I’m installing World of Warcraft. 


I know, I know. I was playing a lot of Diablo II online around the time WoW was initially released. The general sense I got from that gaming community at the time was WoW is too easy and not that great. I didn’t want to pay the subscription fee. So I decided to ignore it, even though I later learned that WoW is the new golf (according to Jia). So maybe in a business sense it is a good idea to get into the game that is shaping and molding millions of minds. So I’m not really justifying this, but here is the thing and back to my original point. Jeanne is peer pressuring me into it. There I said it. Maybe it is boyfriend abuse or perhaps she’s a bigger nerd, dork, scientist that I am. Perhaps I’m weak and I can’t resist the low polly graphics in highly saturated colors. Maybe I’m secretly a night elf podcaster. Whatever the reason I’m caving and while I still don’t want to pay the subscription feel I’m diving in. 

I’m only playing game one so no crazy tripple expansion set for me. In and out that is my plan. Plus Diablo 3 is due out sometime soon so suck it WoW.

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